Sunday, May 03, 2009


I'm offically done blogging.

I'd like to thank everyone that came and read and commented on the Remix.
This and the Original blog is done...

I will however be on talking just about everything

Randomness, sex, love, sports, Television, Movies, yadda yadda yadda
Feel free to come join me (I have a blog there too)

Thanx again.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Dime Lines: in the middle

Inspired by her words

Before her curves

Her nouns and verbs
Were never spoken but still heard

Dime lines personified, out of the blue she stepped
Tryin my best not to sweat her you know, quiet as kept

Fuck that

I'm diggin you
I know I don’t know you well


Your perceived personality is sexy as hell

Your dislikes are mine
Character flaws I can deal with

The way we're compatible and think is the real gift

Real quick

What's your favorite color?
Mine: Earth tones

Orange to be specific
Burnt orange and then my birthstone


Yeah Sag, you know I'm glad we're speakin
When you go hang with your friends we should chill that weekend

Gun jumpin.

never mind this ish is just crazy
They say you find when you're not lookin

But this ish is crazy

Maybe I’m buggin...when it's too good to be true
Fuck that how I'm gon front like I don’t like you?

Gotta myspace page?


What's your age?


Favorite movie? Likes/Dislikes lemme gauge

Never mind we got all day

All week
It's a new year

Long distance relationship?
What? You’re coming here?

Her Nickname is cute, real name is sexy
I'm gettin punk'd on some bull, who's tryin to test me?

It's like….
everything I type...everything I write
Everything is right

… no way that I'm her type


This type of compatibility is illogical

Off rip, of the top...nah this is comical

What am I?

Gonna type and meet a girl online
Talk all night next day a Dime Lines?

Well no...

That type of ish never happens
Besides I have no game, and don't do much for rappin

I don’t do much for nappin'
So I must be sleep

I still haven't met her...but damn that thought was deep.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hunger Strike


So I thought the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach
So why do we never get taken out for dinner?

Why is it acceptable for a woman to hit you up and say "I'm hungry" "Let's go out to dinner"
and the MAN has to pay? He was chillin'! But that's the only way you get a date sometimes...if you're trickin...err I mean Treatin'

It's not always "trickin" don't take me too literally, and this is definitely NOT meant to say that this goes for all women...all dates...all situations, you know my humor; BUT I STAND by these words as they reference the majority

I continue...

I don't have any problems paying for a meal, or cooking...I actually like to see if I'm the only one that likes my cooking or not LOL
...and maybe it's the control that a man likes to have because he wasn't the one that came up with the idea for dinner he feels some kind of way.

I'm just's crazy that when a man and woman decide to go out (on the woman's request) the man has to flip the bill

Like, let's go to the movies....okay, Duke may or may not even WANT to go see the movie...but agrees because he's diggin the chick and she called, and it's a way to see her

The fact that when he gets there and he has to pay automatically is that bull son...I mean it's not even a question.

Things are different if it's my idea and I'm planning things out...sure I got it allllll covered

And Nooooo, no one is saying the man HAS to pay


That's what We're 'supposed' to do...if we don’t we're definitely looked at some kinda way from there on.

Sometimes it would be nice to get the:
Reach in the purse fake out LOL
Slide the bill your way fake out LOL
I'll drive since you're paying offer
You get the Movie, I'll get the concessions offer (Shidddd I dunno who makes out on that one) LMAO

Again, I don’t have ANY problem with paying for EVERYTHING on a date

I'm just asking why is it the thing to do?
why is it socially acceptable that the man pay for everything?

I'm not buying the 'be a gentleman' thing...what's that? Because I have a penis I gotta be Tricky McTrickerton every time I see someone I'm interested in? LMAO
I don’t care that that's 'How you were raised' me too, but I'm grown now...and so are you; you got paid Friday just like me LOL

I understand being 'old school' I'm old school too, with hip Hop, Soul Music, Cartoons, Movies, and my Grandma's Biscuits
But women can Vote, Run for Pres, Make more money than me, Sing , Rap, dance, Dunk a let's be real

Now, some things you're just supposed to do to be nice, like hold the door...that's being polite...MAYBE if I think about it get the car door (sometimes I forget or it's awkward)
I'm not pullin out no chiar though...get the hell outta here...chair.

(Understand I have to add the funny and the sarcasm otherwise it would be a boring read...I am an asshole but not THAT much)

I continue...

Even first date, Why other than "because" ...don't get me wrong; I'm paying...I just don't know why lol

do you know that some women will sleep with a guy if he spends upwards of a certain amount of he deserves it?
do you know men will spend upwards of a certain amount of money on a date and expect he deserves it? do you enjoy the sex if you get it that way? I mean with straight prostitution at least it's out in the and women are corny
do you know that there are women that ONLY call certain dudes for free meals and dates? the response is "well they're stupid/suckers for letting that happen" Why? They're supposed to pay when a woman wants to go out.
Plus, you know if you do the fake I'm pay for it fake out...and he calls your bluff and lets you do it, you're lookin like "?!?! He made me pay!? I can't believe this water head mickey-flickey let me pay!' LOL!
This is how it pops off:

A guy could've JUST cooked a Steak, potatoes, veggies...been eating watching cancelled ass Day Break with Vanilla Diggs and he gets a phone call:

Woman: Hey, what's up?
Man: Nothing
Woman: Hey, you wanna do something? I'm hungry...wanna go to Ruby Tuesday?

(This is like those 'choose your adventure books)

Man: Yeah
Typically equals: Put on some clothes, smell goods, hop in the car, drive over, pick them for the meal that he didn’t want because he already ate, drop her back off, go home and wonder why did I just do that?
...he says YES because he's diggin her, she called, he wants to see her, and that's his shot...his way in...gotta take it when it presents it’s self. For, if he says...

Man: Nah, I just ate.

Woman: Oh okay, I'll let you go....*click*

See cause, she didn't want to hang out/see you because it would've been what did you eat? How about I get some take out or order a pizza and come through
Hey, you wanna come to Ruby's with me just for company?
Well I'ma go pick some up, mind if I stop over...or...want to come through?

All of these things COULD happen...the first is the one that TYPICALLY happens, Guy says yes because if he doesn't he fears that she's going to call another guy who's trying to get with her and will go if he doesn' there's lunch for tomorrow...Ruby's leftovers like A MUG!

But that's dating...a guy always picks up the bill when you're dating (for whatever reason)

If you're dating you're dating...but women will put themselves in the 'Friends Zone' and you're STILL supposed to pay, that's extra bull because the woman knows you like her, buy she put you in the Friends Zone' because she's not trying to date you...but she'll let you trick off lol...the only time you don't is when:
The woman is REALLY not interested in you
They KNOW you don’t want to do whatever it is and they're draggin you out

So even if you're just friends...dude pays
Dating....dude pays

I'm not buying the 'then you're cheap' deal either

Everybody's money is the same that ish is for Bills and fun....Men don’t get a Trickin on dates deposit from their check that goes into a separate account for Dinner and movies! LOL!
A Mans $20 bill aint worth $20 while a woman's is worth $12.45!

Men are stupid though...They Trick off, flash cash, take women out to the expensive jump offs (most times before they even know them) and when they start to expect certain things or whatever, they're labeld "Gold digger" Flashy McFlflasherton you're the one trying to be Mr. Big well beyond your means
...pony up or bounce; can't keep givin a woman Steak then wanna flip her some Spam and be mad she askin for Fillet Mignon!


You get the women that'll say "I'll pay for a date sometime, I don’t care" I gotcha. But you KNOW men won't allow try and pay (the reach in the purse fake out) and he stops you LOL

But then it's the guys fault "See? I TRY to pay, but it's that male ego...his pride...he wont let me"
Shidddddddddddddddddddd I'm lettin! LMAO!

Here's the thing...regardless of what I type, what's right, what anyone thinks the man is going to pay for the majority of dates and entertainment between couples, a good common rule is to say whomever comes up with the activity is the one that pays
and just hope you're not dating some jerk bucket that never comes up with anything or waits for you to lol

Dinner dates are for when both people are hungry OR for sex; if you're truly interested in someone you can do things that require conversation...walking, listening to music, bowling, playing games, etc.
If a woman is only tryin to get her fat face fed every time she's prolly not poppin off....and you're prolly trickin off :)

I'm not bitter, I just like to type funny words...but there's a ton of truth in it

Besides...I'm not dating anyone, could I be more single? Shiiiidddddd I eat dinner alone son! puahahahahaha

Consider me a asshole if you'd like...but take a survey of yourself, your past, and your friends...if none of the 'asshol'ish' things that I've typed look familiar then my bad LOL

Monday, March 30, 2009


She likes what I write; she's in love with my brain
Thinkin' she has good taste, I'm like 'I feel the same'

Plus her eyes, her size, the woman is incredible
Full lips is sick makes me wish I was edible

Unforgettable conversations about arbitrary situations

Likes, Dislikes, pet peeves and irritations

I'm big on communication, when it's on? Nothing better
I want to get closer but I'm too cool to sweat her

Plus who want's that?

Everyday the same thing,

We talk

We quote the same things

We like the same songs
She wears boy cuts and thongs

My friends call me picky but this one is strong!

Before long, I'm a meet her can quote me

We'll eat up the street outside at chipotle

Talk about community food at work
...who's a jerk

How we'd fix the BET network

She'd read this and smirk

And think, 'yeah we would'

I'ma end it like this...I'd write more if I could :???:


Friday, March 27, 2009

I think I think: Done Wiping

Why does it seem like it took forever for Monday to come, yet the weekend went by so fast?
meh, anyway.

No Bengals report from Sunday.....because....
they're on MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!


Has Playoff implications (And Fantasy Playoff implications)...more on this as it develops lol

Also, new campaign...since we ALL know and agree that Ohio State will win the National Championship vs. Florida...that's in the books

NEW ISH for 07 Ohio State makes the Final Four in march! (Why the hell not? F u!)

Anyway, on to the Randomness...
New stuff from Origins makes my face feel great! I still roll with The Body Shop though

Taye Diggs did it again...Daybreak has been cancelled

The Song "smack that"....why?

I'm not photogentic

I like to talk during the previews...

Does Jewelry, slang, and constipated facial expressions make a man sexy?

Okay, when you you pray to Jesus or GOD?
...and you know what annoys the yams with marshmallows outta me? When people interchange the two...ugh
(And I don’t even go to church so it must really annoy me lol)

I'm lovin my new has mad features son!

I'm really thinkin I'll end up checking Dreamgirls on DVD or on HBO
(Unless I check it on a date, but again....)

This is such a GREAT time of year, I LOVE the malls during Christmas...I know I’m the only one.

I have NEVER seen a woman sexier in a movie than Salma Hayek in After the sunset...PERIOD not Halle not Eva Mendes, Not Sanaa Latham, not nobody...

Copped the new AZ (The Format) I swear he's so underrated.

It's not really corn in there; it's just the skin passes through (ewwww)

Speaking of ewwwww Get ready for I love New York!

Why does Peach flavored stuff taste so much better than actual peaches?

Do people still sit around and smoke weed?

People are to inconsistent to be called friends these days

...cause I'm sayin; Jesus died for our Sins right? and he might be coming back so you should pray to him right?
But God made Jesus...and I'm thinkin would be the one sending him back...and he's GOD!! so pray to him right?
...I dunno I still go back and forth thinkin God is a woman...what do I know?

I want some Cheetos

I think for the right to run for President; Obama and Hillary should dress up like Ozone and Special K and have a Dance off

They said that Miami wants Iverson...and would trade anyone except Wade and Shaq, if that happened whoooooooooooo!

Speaking of which, another fight in Basketball over the weekend...meh wasn't anything too spectacular; little 50 cent lookin Nate Robinson LOL

The Amazing Race finale was terrible

How do blind people know when they're done wiping?
I swear I OWN the "Friends Zone" that's MY HOUSE! lol

Internet thugs kill me...Hard ass pictures on Myspace and Yahoo! When the toughest thing you can do is delete a muhfuka from your Buddy or friends're hurtin' nothin'
Puahahahah! Real G's don't know Ctrl Alt Delete!

Where's Chuckii Booker?

I have a Coach Leather cover for my Ipod

When I don't have singles or any change for the vending machine, I take it as a sign I don’t need what's in there.

Why being neat is always gay? Anal Retentive; Metro sexual..LOL

People say what other people want to hear...esp to the opposite sex...but the receiver don't see the frontin' they eat that ish up...not me, I'ma say what Ima say...repsect it.

Asian Women have GREAT legs....ass be like CD cases though

does Rick Ross really exist, or is Rueben Studdart doing a Tyresee?

You know who got BANK!? ...Women.
Think about it:

They get in the club for free before 11
Free Drinks Till 12
Guys buy them drinks after 12
Take them to eat
Drive so they won’t waste gas/gas money
They only spend their money on ish they want to...waitin for the Annual Vickies sale LOL
Pretty damn sweet life...I'm not hatin' I'm jealous! ...I'ma get me one! LOL!

And you don't even have to be cute either! You can just have a fat ass, or big nipples...don't matter us simple ass dudes is Trickin' like David Blaine.

Men can't get away with nunnadat

ESPECIALLY an ugly dude...he commin up short...anyways...

...but then later when I do find some change, I was supposed to have what's in the vending machine of course.

Survivor Finale was last night...ugh
This is what I'ma say... dude won (if you didn't know, I wont tell ex. who)
but never mind that, they had a fire making challenge and it took ONE and a HALF HOUR and these muhfukas couldn’t make a spark LOL
people yawnin and falling asleep...duke got pissed and gave them matches Puahahahaha!
What's worse? One couldn't build a flame with those and ran out of matches!!

Anyway, this is what I'll say.

Sundra on Survivor is BEAUTIFUL! WOW if she isn't #1 she's definitely #2 on the sexiest women to ever be on Survivor...or hell reality TV that's not a celeb
(First could still be Alicia)...but Sundra...damnit man!

Ghost is BACK!
If you don't have "More Fish" stop being a jerk and go get's the closest you're going to get to Hip Hop music on a major label today
My favorite MC
Is it better than Fishscale? Dunno...close, might be.
I got the Fried fish CD you can't get THAT at Best buy LOL

Say what you want about me, but I never change/switch it up on you...I'm always the same...people just stop diggin it.

My Computer is f'n up with blogger sites, only in the I’m not dissin anyone, I'm reading; I just need a new computer.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dime Lines: Scrappy

Her smile fills the room, a wink my spine tingles
Thinkin to myself ' I cant imagine being single'

Her Imperfections?
Just makes her unique
Flaws in my eyes would take a lifetime to seek

She eats like a woman no frontin' on her plate
If my baby wants a steak, shidd she orders steak

And some cheesecake

Comfortable with each other
Petite, sweet in the streets...freak under the cover

That's my lover

That's my BFF

Still by my side when nobody's left
Still by my side till I breath my last breath
She's all I need like Mary J and Meth

She's Deft

In the kitchen
Nice with the Chess game
Distracting shootin poll, low cut, she lets her breasts hang

And then I scratch...maybe I met my match
We sit and watch Lost debating another Hatch

In the kitchen, Cookies? we bake another batch
Doing things together, hard not to be attached
Matter of fact
She comes over to cook
doesn't want to watch the game, she sits and reads a book
Damn that’s sexy.
Look at her all studious
Gets up for a drink I pinch her on the gluteus

We laugh and debate about who's the moodiest
Nicknames, she's scrappy and you can guess who Scooby is

But there's no mystery why I let myself sweat her
The fukd up thing is Why I've never met her :(

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Think I Think: Nappy Back


4 In a Row! Ocho Cinco, TJ, and Rudy all over 100 yards
CP threw 3 Pickles but we still did work, and the Defense is pumpin
The colts are next...they're going to be pissed

You see Vince Young in Overtime!? wow.
Great Draft Texans!

On to the Randomness....
I wish I could not care about shopping and buying clothes money like other people...but they gear is wackness!

I like the "Fratailian" commercial....

Okay...if your hands are dirty, and you turn on the faucet with your dirty hands...wash them, then turn off the faucet with your clean hands...aren't you making them dirty again?

so sexy on a woman: Cut off tank top and boxers

I can’t stand when my nails are long...don’t want to touch anything

Now I'm loving Tropicana twister Raspberry Lemonade
(Still with that damn 'p')

Despite my purchases I am NOT a label whore I'm broke lol

Do insects poo? How small would Ant shit be? Puahahahaha!

Top 5 things that are annoying to have to buy

1. Tissue
2. Toothpaste
3. Batteries
4. Socks
5. Sheets

Not that I don’t want to buy's just that there's better things to do with my $ these things should come free in life lol
(Not to mention there's a sheet set that I want, when all is said and done will cost close to $700)

Those Muhfukas are going to trade my BOY! I'ma still be a Sixers fan...but damnit man!...f'n f'ers

Some people hate...I ignore them

A Caramel Pecan Cinnabun and egg nog.

Ya'll need to get Monk on the Trish/Trizzy case puhahahahahahah!
...WOW, is all I can say...

I'm saying though, even then was Myrrh and Frankincense quality gifts?'s like givin somebody Dryer Lint and White-Out

I could do long distance...they can't

Even though it's CLEARLY the Supersonic rip off I like the Fergalicious song
...though she has the stage presence of Herpes


By 'like' I mean I've heard it...not that Im listening to it on purpose or will ever again.

We need a cell phone exchange program...when you buy a new phone, what do you do with the old one?
...and why are new phones like $30 when you don’t have a plan, but if you are already with the provider the same phone is like $600?

Why the debate over Beyonce's age?
Who cares THAT much? bad, at all?

Are we still doing the Kwanzaa thing? or is that played out yet?

All previous e crushes are dead...I tried...need new ones; taking apps lol

Dad's always gets the short end of the gifts

I can't stop singin' "Stop the Cat box" and "Lock the Cashbox" Bwaahahahahaha!

I'm not a Mary J fan...haven't been since Be Happy/My Life ...once she SANG the word "Crunk" and started making up words (Danceree, Holleration) I was done...and will stay that way.
(Always liked Faith better)

I could never be with a woman that sports a full 'bush'

Is there any glue other than Elmers?

Dishy dishy ice cream, dishy dishy out

Hidden racism
When people describe body parts...they only use color when they describe black people
White woman =Big ass
Black woman=Big or fat 'black' ass
White man = Big penis
Black man= Big 'black' dick

...maybe I'm trippin

Made another impulse buy over the weekend...I'm the worst.

You never want to see the women that work in Lingerie stores in lingerie

Do Black men have back hair? Wouldn't it be nasty if some man had 'Nappy Back'?

Who put the "X" in "X-Mas" are these the same people that took Sexy away?
Can we get Justin to bring Christmas back?

Seriously...Gwen Stefani and this Yodeling and stepping?

1. Why is this on the radio
2. Who wrote that and said 'yeah, do this'
3. Why is this chick 37 bouncin around like a idiot?

...But why is Fergie and Gwen closer to Hip Hop than 75% of the rap music out!? THAT'S poor folks.

new crush:Hayley Marie Norman


NOW they're adopting Lil Ritchie? Why? They had custody, what's the point?
...and if the fam is going through all of this, where is Olivia?

I want the Brad family deal done immediately...hate all of them
And bring back the real Victoria

I knew that Light bulb head Abby was going to spill the beans to Vic...NOW this is getting good
lol@ the flower arrangements

Lauren and that baby needs to go, she's useless and uninteresting

Heroes is that show!

The only reason to go to office Christmas parties is to see who your co workers are doin lol

I dare anyone to smell popcorn and not want some immediate after.

After looking at the Video again...The dark skin member or Zhane was the more attractive one.

Might just be me (Prolly is) but I'm not antsy to see the Pursuit of happiness with will Smith
...guess it could be a date movie...but who am I going to go on a date with?

I think I think: Slowfukin

Welcome black!
Last "I Think I think" of 2007 ...not that it means anything, I just wanted to type that...effewe!


Bengals could've clinched a playoff spot...loss by a point on some missed Field Goal opportunity...Merry Christmas indeed.

(Oh btw I got NOTHING for Christmas...not bitter, just saying)


Gay doesn't mean homosexual's a slang term...a negative one...but one nonetheless
I think some men are born gay
A woman finds comfort in another woman and sometimes they end up together

Regular M&Ms and Hershey Bars are horrible...who eats those?

White people LOVE women in school girl outfits

People don't seem to hate on me...more so annoy me till I want to thump them on thei'r upper lip REAL hard

106 & Park all...ready...had...their...New

You know what sucks?
A woman you're diggin and Extra attracted to saying..."I'm attracted to your personality"
If THAT doesn't mean you're ugly ...nothing does LOL!

Remember how the 30th Birthday is supposed to be THE ONE! It's not anymore...

Why is "making Love" just fuckin' but slower? Puahahahahah!

It's about damn TIME: Musiq has a new song (Buddy) HERE

You know they have Caramel Kit Kats right?

FINE! Yes I watch The OC...and I heart the Taylor chick F U!

I typed that when people meet each other the woman is thinking "Hope he's not a serial Killer" and the Men is thinking "I hope she's diggin me"
Typically, the man is not a serial Killer and the woman is Not diggin the dude lol

The know what people do at the Holidays? Brag about how much they ate
Why are you so proud that you stuffed your fat face till you couldn't move? I mean its cool that people cooked and all...just sayin'

You know the part of your hand in between the index finger and thumb? ... what's that called?

Remember when Tyra Banks yelled at Tiffany? Bwahahahaha

I Next to NEVER invite women over to my place...when I do it means something.
...problem is women don't know that, therefore they don't appreciate the gesture.

Had Vitamin water today "Defense" (Apple and RasPberry) <--I can't get away from that damn "p"

I'll only say/express I'm interested so many times w/o feedback before I say f-it and not fuk witcha on or offline

Stairs to get somewhere? People like UGH!...then get on the Stairmaster for an hour

To this day I SOOO want to Make Sexy time with Rosie Perez

Know what I did over the weekend? Went to the mall, went to the grocery store...talked on the phone, the net, and watched movies.

You know what I do? ...everything I say I'll do.

They don't make Nursery rhymes anymore...not a bad thing since all the old ones were either scary or just sucked.

You know how people get all kidnapped or some kinda something when meeting people on the internet? Is it ever black people?

So if a person takes 3-5 rain checks in a row, it's pretty much a lock that their not interested no?

Man... Ciara is outstanding

In the past week or so I've been called:

Disrespectful to women
Too picky
Easy to get along with

...Fact is, I'm none of the above lol
And what does it mean when people say negative things about you when you never said a bad thing about them ever?
Does it make it truer? (it's a word according to spellcheck) ...Or does it make them assholes?
...dunno. lol

Who are 'rappers' trying to impress?

I don’t hate her THAT much, I have a Beyonce Ringtone

Watched Devil wears Prada yesterday...decent movie indeed.
Anne Hathaway has incredible eyes

Alls I know is over the weekend I saw Flick get his ass beat by Ralphie like 10 times Puahahahaha!

What guy blogs? Shouldn't I NOT be typing this mess? And F'n mad bitches Son!?

We need a black Soap Opera...if done right (unlike Generations) it could pop off...maybe it would be night time soap, but come on every day
Lemme cast it:

Leila Arcieri
Regina King
Kerry Washington
Malinda Williams
Omar Epps
Hill Harper or Larenz Tate
(Gotta be people that's not really working)

I'm the World Heavyweight Champion of the Friends Zone...Whooooooooooo!

What kinda of guy is intimidated by a woman that makes more than them? shiddddd.

Where the hell were the fine teachers that banged students when I was at school?

Guess I'm Shallow


When there's a Storm NOTHING happens
Kevin’s Girl is she a serial Killer?
Gloria and Lauren’s Mom need to fall down a elevator shaft
...and if Sheila doesn't show up, Lauren can go too
The Chick F'd the Professor...all shower afterwards LOL
...and good Break up with JT, he's wack
Speaking of Wack the WHOLE Winters family...damnit man...non actin muhflux
Sooooo...we went through the entire Phyllis health scare and the baby upside down etc. etc. and Jack just popped it out in the elevator.
Quick thinkin stupid, now Brad and everyone else has to lie about a brother...get the old Vicky back
...and get back to the Fakin Jack out ish
Never mentioned but didn't dude just make a whole ass night club REAL fast?
K, I'm done alienating 88% of my readers now....

I hate that whole "I think I just through up in my mouth a little bit" line...annoying, no you didn't.

New Crush:
Janelle Monae

There's like 3 of my Myspace friends I'd sooooooooooooooo date seriously.

You know what scares me? A lot of hangy moles

I LOVE that note Faith his when she says 'Let the music take control"

Usher hasn't made any music in a minute; and I couldn't be any happier

How's that John Legend CD doing? HA! He sux

Thick women are in style these days...lotta ass...lotta breasts, etc.
Skinny women...petite women....sizes 8 and below IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII still got love for you! shiddddd
Come here

Cheating makes NO sense...just break up with the long does a man orgasm last? a few minutes?..a few minutes to ruin whatever you got?

you know who had some Hits?

Hall and Oates

Another phrase/Word that annoys me "The Itis" ...can that no make it to The Double 0-7?

eclectik sports

So If I do a sports know it's going to be full of ....randomness

Leave T.O. Alone
He Spat on dude...and admitted it
He drops balls...he makes statements that other people don't Leave him alone!

I say that because FOX, CBS, ESPN, all starts their shows with the "T.O. is up to his usual or I'm sick of this guy, blah blah blah
THEN STOP opening the show/telecasts talking about him! It won’t go away because you won’t let it go away...ignore dude if it's that serious.

Ladaninan Tomlinson IS NOT the MVP and is NOT the best (or even top 5) Running backs in the game

I wish people would stop the madness; duke is good...he does his thing on the field and is Probably the best running back in the game THIS season
But c'mon Larry Johnson was the man a year ago...Priest Holmes was the man before that...Hell Jamal Lewis was the man
The Running back thing? You never know...let the guy break some more a rushing title or 3 before he gets in the conversation
...some consistency

Seriously, is he better than Jim Brown, Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Hell..Thruman Thomas? (notice I left out Twinkle-toes ass...ole Dancing with the Stars champion...I'm a hater lol)

Maybe in time dude will be that, but there’s no reason to be talking that madness now

People should not compare eras gotta look at it totally differently

There were different Defenses back then and now...they call/don’t call different things
There were more/less games to be played
The players/level of comp is different
The team around a player know the old argument "If Barry had 'Twinkle-toes" O-Line..." (I still think it's valid too)
You gotta look at how much better a person in his era was over another in theirs...that could be a comparison...otherwise you have to say that in their era they were the best ever....stop it.

I say the MVP is Drew Bres (over Tomlinson) Why?

New/Different Team
Different Conference
It was THE SAINTS!!! look at them 10 Years before Katrina, look at them after Katrina, and look at them now.....Brees
Shoulder Surgery
The Team around him...2-3 Rookies at skill positions
That Defense is pissy

I dunno..maybe I'm wrong....we know LT will win it (AND CAN WE STOP calling him LT...there's only ONE) will win the MVP, he just shouldn't

The Real Most valuable player doesn't win the award all the time (If that were the case, when would Jordan NOT win it?)

...which brings me to...

So I'm a Sixers fan, been one since I was little...granted I was a Bigger Lakers fan...till Nick Van Excel left.

I'm also an Iverson fan, hate that dude had to demand a trade, but I don't blame Team be on that Bull! They:

Bring in bums past they're glory or with question marks to be his "#2" (Mashburn, Stackhouse, Webber, etc.)
Despite playing every minute, every game, all year; they want to trade him every off season
He plays every game, every minute while injured, but want to hit the media like "Yeah he's not practicing" ...fuk eeew
And a bunchaothermoreshit

So, I hope he puts in work in Denver...maybe toughen them up...esp since it looks like their players like to Steal on guys and run away LOL

What's gonna be MORE bull is all the Denver Jerseys that's about to show up, on some "I've always liked Denver...they've been my boys since Alex English!" Bandwagon dick-riders

That fight is another reason why the media annoys people realize that if they do not talk about ish and replay it 55 times a day and say how bad it is, we won't view it that way?
Report on it and let it go

Wasn't even a good fight...Larry Bird, Ewing, Jordan, The Pistons...THEY had good fights lol

Boxing sux...I don’t think they can fix it
Everybody's hero’s lost...there are too many belts
and The heavyweight Division BLOWS!!!!

I refuse to watch Baseball...but I do support the Reds! Go Big Red Machine!

okay, back to football...

If My Bengals don't make the Super bowl I want to see either:

Chargers vs. Saints
Colts Vs. Saints
Chargers Vs. Bears
Top 3 QBs playing right now:

1. Drew Bres
2. Payton Manning
3. Carson Palmer

Top 3 WRs Right now:

1. Chad Johnson
2. Reggie Wayne
3. Torry Holt

Top 3 RBs right now

1. Ladainian Tomlinson
2. Larry Johnson
3. Stephen Jackson

Why do I think Michelle Wie is hot? err...I mean when she gets older I think she might be hot.

Tiger will make me watch Golf anytime...I've also won my Fantasy Golf league two years in a row, and last year I didn’t draft Tiger.

I either Need Serena BACK on the court or some new brown and round to take her place before I watch again....Tennis, back in the day it was all about me and Gabriella Sabatini mmmmm
And the male side was MAD Meh. I used to LIVE for the grand slams on TV

No hockey for me...never could get it; Love playing Blades of Steel on 'Tindo though (and I'm also in a Fantasy Hockey League)
...I'm such a nerd.

Back to Basketball...

The game still sucks, if you've read my blog NBA: Not Basketball anymore you already know.

I didn't realize Kobe changed his Jersey number to 24 until 2 weeks ago

You know what my favorite sport to watch is (outside of the majors)??

Billiards! Esp Women...LOVE it...I can watch it all day
K, I'm done...I typed enough...done alienating 99% of my blog audience LMAO!